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What is Pitching Coaching?
A pitch is a short presentation of an idea or business describing what you do, how you do it and the products and services that you offer.

Pitching coaching provides practical tools to help package your business or idea and present it in a clear and concise manner. Help customers and investors understand your vision and how your business works to onboard partners or teammates, generate sales or secure investment. This course will develop your confidence and presentation skills to the next level.

What does this course include?
During this course you will learn the following topics to develop your mad pitching skills

  • How to Pitch like a Pro!
    Learn the structure of a pitch.
  • My Business Canvas
    Describe how your business works and how to create value that customers are willing to pay for.
  • Pitch Practise with a Funky Business
    Develop a pitch script for a funky business to get some practise
  • Tips and Resources to develop your very own pitch script
    The pitch deck template and pitching coaching handhout (which includes to video links) will help you develop a pitch for your very own business and really wow the audience.

You will also be provided with the following materials to develop your mad pitching skills

  • Pitch Script Template
  • My Business Canvas
  • Pitch Deck Template
  • Pitching Coaching Handout
  • Completion Certificate

Let’s do this!