The easiest way to determine whether your business concept works and is worth pursuing is to find customers and generate sales. Sales and marketing are a key component to running a successful business. No matter how amazing your product or service, if you cannot find your customers and if they cannot find you, you will not be able to run a sustainable business and meet the needs of your customer base. Learn the basic strategies, tools and techniques to identify customers, generate leads and create sales.

How do your customers know that you exist and that your product or service is available to meet their needs? Making it easy for customers to find you and positioning your business as the “go to” place to meet their needs is vital in attracting customers who are willing to pay for your services. Business is not just about making money, but if you’re not making money, it’s not a business.

  • Identify strategies to generate leads
    Describe how your business works and how to create value that customers are willing to pay for.
  • Learn about platforms to drive sales
    Identify who your customers are and who your main paying customer is. Who makes up your target market?
  • Using social media to brand yourself and your business in a professional man
    Describe your business concept in a clear and simple way. Highlight what makes your product or service unique and what you can do better than your competitors.

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